About Me

I was Born and Raised in East Chicago, IN, about 10 miles east of Chicago, IL.

After graduating High School I went on to attend College in Kenosha, Wisconsin where I attended the University of Wisconsin-Parkside for (2) years on a Basketball Scholarship.

After (2) years there, I transferred to Prairie View A&M University, where I Graduated with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Computer Science in 1990.

As I became increasingly interested in the science of computing, digital products became a natural progression of interest for me.

This site is basically my share of knowledge and discoveries of digital products.

My True Passion and Personal Motivation is Helping others Realize and Achieve their Dreams.

There is an excitement and energy I get when I am able to help other people achieve something.

It doesn’t matter if it something small or great, I am energized by the giving of myself.

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