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Why Use Blackberry for Business and Beyond?

I’ve heard the Hype about How Business Professionals are switching over to the iPhone.

BlackBerry Q10 for T-Mobile
is the reigning Champion of Business Devices, however, there are a massive number of Business Professionals taking the leap over to Apple.

Perhaps it is because of the growing number of business-focused applications Apple provides, nevertheless, Blackberry still has 50% of the corporate smart phone market.

Why Stay with Blackberry

Although the iPhone dominates the smart phones market in terms of entertainment apps, for Business Professional like myself, Blackberry can not be beat. I will have to admit, there was a time when I thought about switching over to the iPhone but the following reasons convinced me to stay with my Blackberry.

  • Blackberry can be used with almost every carrier in the world.
  • Blackberry has a keyboard so you can type faster with less errors.
  • Unlimited WiFi calling for anywhere in the world.
  • All major instant messengers are available on Blackberry

These are just a few reasons why I continue to remain loyal to my Blackberry Smart Phone. As RIM continue to do more in terms of adding new features to improve the phone to mix the Business Capabilities with Personal Entertainment aspects you can bet the Blackberry will remain a part of my essential hardware. Surely, iPhone users can make a very convincing argument about why current Blackberry owners should make the switch, but if you are a Business Professional, which most of us are these days, the Blackberry is irreplaceable. Also, as Blackberry continues to develop, soon it will parallel iPhone’s Personal apps technology.

I am just not ready to stray away from such a Powerful Tool for My Business and therefore, the Winner and Still the reigning Champion of Business Devices.

Blackberry Q10

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BlackBerry Q10 for T-Mobile

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